Rust Buster 1998-2006 Ford Ranger Rear Frame Section W/ 6 Foot Bed RB7200

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  • Fits 1998-2003 Ford Ranger
  • Fits all Cab Configurations with 6 Foot Beds.
  • Made from .125" cold rolled steel (11 Gauge)
  • Product ships RAW and uncoated
  • Welding required to install

Revitalize the backbone of your 1998-2006 Ford Ranger with the Rust Buster Rear Frame Section. Tailored meticulously for the tail end of the frame – precisely where the rear leaf spring mounting bracket unites with the frame – our repair kit is the remedy your Ranger has been waiting for.

There's no need for a cumbersome full bed removal, as our design has been crafted to seamlessly fit under your truck's bed. However, take note: the rear bumper mounting brackets will require temporary removal, only to be reinstalled post Rust Buster integration. Only fits Rangers with a 6 Foot Bed.

With a length of 14.25", our Rust Buster Rear Frame Section isn’t just about size but also about the precision of fit. Our signature EZ Slip design ensures the section effortlessly glides onto the frame, aligning impeccably with every factory-required hole and mounting location.

Our pursuit of perfection doesn’t end at design. Capitalizing on the latest CAD technology, each repair section is meticulously modeled, then transitions through laser cutting, precise forming, and a flawless welding finish.

The result? A robust solution ensuring that your Ford Ranger not only returns to the road but remains there, journey after journey. Our confidence in the Rust Buster's transformative power is unwavering, and we enshrine this trust in our Limited Lifetime Warranty. With Rust Buster, your Ranger isn’t just repaired—it’s reborn.


Downloadable PDF - RB7200 Installation Instructions.pdf

Inventory Last Updated: Sep 29, 2023

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