Part Premiere: RB4022-Rear Crossmember

Introducing our latest TJ Wrangler rust solution, our Rear Crossmember (RB4022).

Though the TJ Wrangler features many modern upgrades from Jeep’s transition from the YJ, one of the borderline nostalgic, yet still neglectful, changes is the rear crossmember and rear bumper.  The YJ offered a bare frame rear crossmember and it was exposed to Mother Nature for rust and decay to accrue.  The TJ, however, offers a hollow plastic cover that, while still better than bare metal, redirects water straight under the tub and into the frame, practically exposing it like its brother before it.

Resting, still water makes quick work of metal, and a compromised rear crossmember spells danger for the overall alignment of your frame.  One wrong turn or bump in the trail could tear a weld and send your frame twisting, ripping your Jeep’s body apart.  While all parts of the frame are important, crossmembers should always take priority.  It’s a good idea to replace it to further reinforce your vehicle and add to the much needed rigidity.

Our Rear Crossmember is CAD designed and cut to factory specifications ensuring each bumper slot and frame hole sits exactly where it’s intended.  

You can pick up your own Rear Crossmember at the link below.  And when you do, be sure to check out our fully written instructions or our start to finish video walkthrough,

Take control of your own restoration, with Rust Buster Frameworks.

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