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XJ Unibody Stiffeners – RB6060, RB6061, RB6062

Posted by Greg Toporcer on

XJ Unibody Stiffeners – RB6060, RB6061, RB6062

If you’re an XJ owner and a hardcore off-road enthusiast, you know all too well the stress you put on your Jeep’s frame. Flexibility is a must to conquer some of the most treacherous terrain, but the XJ’s unibody construction is notorious for twisting under high stress situations.  This can cause windows to pop out, or doors to become misaligned, keeping them from closing properly on the trails.  Over time, you can expect certain areas of the XJ unibody to develop rust, thus allowing excessive flexing and twisting, which leads to these common trail issues. Fortunately, Rust Buster Frameworks’ XJ...

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