Tacoma Frame Stiffeners – RB7100

Calling all Tundra and Tacoma owners! 

I call to your attention to an excerpt from Toyota in response to Tacoma owners complaining about a lack of frame integrity caused by excess corrosion and rust:

Toyota has received isolated reports regarding a small number of 1995 through 2000 model year Tacoma vehicles exhibiting excessive corrosion to the frame causing perforation of the metal. Toyota has investigated these reports and determined that the vehicle frames in these vehicles may not have adequate corrosion-resistant protection. This occurrence combined with prolonged exposure to road salts and other environmental factors may contribute to the development of excessive corrosion causing perforations in the frames.” (Toyota Warranty Policy Bulletin – POLO08-03, 03/07/2008)

Now that I have your attention, and potentially elevated your blood pressure, I urge you to “relax”. Rustbuster Frameworks has started developing Tacoma Frame Stiffeners to address this issue, starting with a new set of rear plates.

The EZ Slip design of our Frame Stiffeners can be installed quickly and easily, and in less time than you may have spent waiting on hold for customer service to address your legitimate concerns. 

Toyota makes a good-looking truck, and Rustbuster Frameworks makes sure the frame is strong enough to continue showing it off year after year.

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