CJ Frame Stiffeners – RB1005 & RB1006

Have you ever heard someone say CJ’s are “Rust Buckets”? The truth is that the CJ’s design lends itself to such a claim. Many areas of the CJ’s frame have overlapping steel with only one side welded where the metals marry, leaving the other side exposed to the elements. 

Since most CJ owners are outdoor enthusiasts, their Jeeps have been exposed to rain, snow, mud, and everything else Mother Nature can throw at them. When moisture gets trapped between two metals, rust becomes the star of the show. If you see swelling where the metals overlap, there’s your sign that rust is bigger than the steel it came from.

Fortunately for you and your prized CJ, Rustbuster Frameworks has a simple solution to strengthen the frame of your CJ and defend it against the elements. Introducing our easy to install CJ Frame Stiffeners. Thanks to the EZ Slip design, you don’t have to be a welder or hold a master mechanic’s license to safely and securely get your rig trail-ready again. 

Rust proves you’ve been there and done that. Our CJ Frame Stiffeners with make sure you keep getting there and continue doing what you love.

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