Part Premiere: RB2002-Rear Shackle Mount Section

Introducing our Rear Shackle Mount Section (RB2002L & RB2002R) for your YJ Wrangler.

The YJ Wrangler marks the end of an era in many ways, but perhaps the most notable and revolutionary is Jeep’s transition from leaf spring suspension to the modern coil spring.  This change was made primarily to increase the comfort and quality of driving, but it goes without saying that the technology behind the system was self-destructive.  The constant tug of war between the leaves and the shackle mounts, in addition to salt and water spray, literally pulled the vehicle apart over its lifespan.

Our Rear Shackle Mount Section reinforces and strengthens not only your leaf to frame connections, but also your rear crossmember.  The mount is made to factory specifications using official CAD data.  This ensures the bushing and alignment holes are in the correct location and the installation goes without a hitch.

You can pick up your own Rear Shackle Mount Section at the link below.  And when you do, be sure to check out our fully written instructions or our start to finish video walkthrough!  

Take control of your own restoration, with Rust Buster Frameworks!

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