Does Your Rusty YJ Jeep Frame Need Some Tender Loving Care?

About Rust Buster Frameworks

The team at Rust Buster Frameworks is a collection of both engineers and Jeep enthusiasts who have been in the market of manufacturing and selling aftermarket Jeep body and frame parts since 1982. As true enthusiasts, we assist in Jeep frame repair for TJ, YJ, CJ, and all other models of this quintessentially American vehicle.

Based in NorthEast Ohio, we have helped Jeep lovers all across the country. All of our products are custom designed and manufactured, and can be shipped anywhere in the US. So no matter where you are, we are there to help you and all other Jeep enthusiasts keep their vehicles on the road longer.

Our experienced team includes installers and engineers who have fixed a wide range of rust problems, having worked with an extensive range of Jeep models, and having personally

installed, tried, and tested every product that we sell. Our desire to get rusty Jeeps back on the road is sincere, and backed with the latest in CAD design and modern modelling techniques, such as laser cutting, forming, and finish welding.

Why Do People Love Their Jeeps So Much?

If you asked the standard Jeep enthusiast why they love this particular family of vehicles so much, they might have trouble putting it into words. However, we’ve spent countless hours working closely with both these vehicles, and the people who love them so much. As such, we’ve been able to identify some common themes… about just why they are so beloved.

Here are a few reasons why people absolutely LOVE their Jeeps:

  • They effectively set the standard for off-road performance when it comes to modern SUVs. Even the earliest Jeeps showed tremendous ability to get through rough terrains of all kinds, including mud, sand, and snow. While modern technology has enhanced the Jeep’s ability to get through any terrain, even classic models show and undeniable ability to perform in the most adverse conditions.
  • They stay valuable long after they’re bought. If you need any proof of the value of a Jeep, just look at how much a well-kept, refurbished CJ will sell for these days. Like any classic car, older Jeep Wrangler models will require some care to hold their resale value. However, the sheer popularity of these vehicles means that they never dip too far down when it comes to their value.
  • They’re simply amongst the most fun vehicles to drive. Nothing feelings quite like seeing a mild 4×4 turn into an utter beast as soon as you take it off-road. And while they are extremely capable off road, Jeeps also handle very well when driving it from day to day. A low center of gravity and great stability means it really does handle like a dream.You could probably get plenty more reasons from other Jeep lovers. Everything from the practicality of the cargo space to the look and stance of these wonderful vehicles plays a factor when considering the love affair of every Jeep enthusiast.

The History Of The YJ Jeep Model

The Jeep CJ had been a very popular vehicle, emblematic of American engineering success from 1944 to the mid-80s. However, after the second oil crisis, Jeep turned their focus to lighter and more efficient vehicles, which were becoming much more popular.

Made from 1987 up to 1985, the Jeep YJ was considered an evolution of the CJ. After first unveiling in 1987, the first commercial Wrangler YJ vehicles were available in the same year. Constructed by American Motors, the YJ was designed to be both more comfortable and more aesthetically appealing than the Jeeps of the past. It was intended to be an eye-catcher and crowd-pleaser for every day drivers, and introduced a lot of the elements common in most modern Jeeps.

This lighter and better driving Jeep carried over a few components from the CJ, such as the Dana axles, and further cemented many aspects of what makes a Jeep design a Jeep. However, it’s also well known for the square headlights,
unique to the YJ, and somewhat of an acquired taste.

Rust Buster Products For the YJ Frame

If you’re looking to restore your YJ frame on any vehicle in the series from 1987 to 1995, then we have the product for you. We recommend you take a closer look at our YJ series store page to see the specifics of each product, including their price, but here is a simple list of every product we have for the YJ Frame:

The Rust Buster Rear Shackle Mount Section (Left and Right Side) helps to replace the frame location in the rear of your YJ Wrangler

The Rust Buster Front and Steering Box Shackle Mount Section (Left and Right Side) helps to replace the frame and steering box mount in the front of your YJ Wrangler. This part is fully boxed and and will include all the factory needed holes and mounting locations.

The Rust Buster Rear Leaf Spring Mount Section (Left and Right Side) helps to replace the frame location in the rear of your YJ Wrangler.

The Rust Buster Rear Crossmember Section 87-95 YJ helps to replace the entire rear cross member on your YJ Wrangler.

The Rust Buster Center Crossmember, Gas Tank Support completely replaces the OE gas tank support on your YJ Wrangler. This will help to keep your Jeep on the road for years to come.

The Rust Buster Rear Upper Shock Mount helps to replace rusted and damaged shock mounts in the rear of your YJ Wrangler.

The Rust Buster Center Frame Skid Plate Mount (Left and Right Side) helps to replace the frame location of your YJ Wrangler.

The Rust Buster Rear Section of Front Frame with Spring Mount (Left and Right Side) helps to replace the frame location in the rear of your YJ Wrangler.

The Rust Buster Frame to Body Mount Brackets helps to replace the body mounts on your YJ Wrangler.

The Rust Buster Grille and Radiator Support Mount helps to replace the frame support tab on the front of your YJ Wrangler.

Whether you’re replacing rusty parts or restoring your Jeep Wrangler YJ from the bottom up, Rust Buster Frameworks has your back with the quality of product that both you and your Jeep deserve.

Give your YJ Jeep Frame the care it needs with Rust Buster Frameworks

If you’re a Jeep enthusiast who wants to breathe new life into an old YJ Jeep, then you’re going to give that rusty frame the care and attention that it needs. The team at Rust Buster Frameworks are enthusiasts just like you, so we’ve made, sold, and installed a huge range of YJ frame parts with the explicit purpose of helping you get your classic Jeep back on the road and keeping it there.

Take a closer look at all the frame repair parts we sell on the website and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need any help. We’re always glad to assist fellow Jeep enthusiasts when it comes to fixing rusty YJ Jeep frames. Our EZ fit design components, laser cut, formed, and finish welded, will never steer you wrong.

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