TJ Breakdown and Rebuild

The TJ Wrangler is still one of Jeep’s more popular models, even after nearly 25 years.  It was considered a commercial success due largely to its return-to-roots design choices, once again featuring rounded headlights and hood that Jeep grew to be known for.  Additionally, the TJ transitioned to industry standard cab features and ever-growing popular coil spring suspension.  It achieved a milestone as one of the most desirable ways to drive off-road, and even today, one of the cheapest entry points into the hobby.  Though the TJ is seen as a great starting vehicle, certain trims such as the Unlimited (or LJ), are seen as “hardcore” and for more experienced enthusiasts.

It goes without saying that, in addition to their age, the wear and tear of the hobby has taken a toll on nearly every TJ on the market.  Rust Buster Frameworks stands to help keep those vehicles on the road, to not only promote its use, but help newer generations find joy in off-roading.

Right out the door, the best bang for your buck you can get is our Full Center Section.  The lowest part of the frame is often the first to deteriorate due to water retention and, in the case of a TJ, chances of high impact during off-road rides.  This part offers the longest replacement available, combining our normal Center Section and Rear Control Arm all in one.

RB3061R – ’97-’02 Full Center Frame with Trail Arm Mount- Right Side
RB3061L – ’97-’02 Full Center Frame with Trail Arm Mount – Left Side

RB3063R – ’03-’06 Full Center Frame with Trail Arm Mount- Right Side
RB3063L – ’03-’06 Full Center Frame with Trail Arm Mount – Left Side


Lift kits are very popular these days and it’s very common to see a TJ with one installed.  The added lift offers great clearance, but as a consequence it encourages tackling more daring obstacles.  This added pressure and strain results in a heavy burden and often damage of your track bar brackets and the frame’s overall integrity.  Two of the products we offer repair and strengthen just that: Rear Upper Track Bar Brackets and Rear Frame Sections.  They’re both small but effective replacements that offer exponential returns.

RB4020R – Rear Frame Section – Right
RB4020L – Rear Frame Section – Left

RB4023 – Rear Upper Track Bar Bracket

Additionally, if you have a mind to replace your rear frame sections, you  might as well replace your rear crossmember too.  Having a new rear crossmember will help prevent detrimental rotations of your frame during heavy use and, as an added bonus, offer a strong mounting location for a new aftermarket rear bumper.

RB4022 – Rear Crossmember

These are some of the more important parts to replace, but they’re not all that we offer.  Below is a complete diagram of what we offer for now.  We’re always looking to expand our catalog, so be sure to check back often for new releases.

With each part that we offer, we include written instructions that will help you or your mechanic from start to finish.  Additionally, we have video instructions and downloadable PDFs on our site and YouTube page, allowing the installer to work alongside us as we guide them through the process.  Never before have you been able to take control of your passion project to this extent!  

Take control of your own restoration, with Rust Buster Frameworks!

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