New Parts, New you (2)

Welcome back to Rusty’s Corner!

Rusty here, and I’m continuing work on my CJ.  I’m going to dip into the front of the frame this time as I wait for the passenger Spring mount to get replaced.  It’s a simple replacement again, but getting there has my mind warped in confusion. But before I get into that, I got into a heated discussion with a buddy of mine over his TJ Wrangler.

See he needs some repairs done too, but the problem he’s running into, and what we were arguing about, is that his rig is lifted with some 33” ’s,  It’s important for him to consider because he’s going to be needing a new set of control arms. He insists that he needs to replace his entire lift because of the amount of work involved to “Remove it. Repair the mount. And put it back together.  

I pointed him to Rust Buster Frameworks site and showed him the part he needs, a Front Control Arm Section (Part# RB4011R).  I was tellin’ him and I said, “Look.  They give you everything you need including the instructions.”  He tells me it’s too invasive and will ruin his entire “alignment”.  “Man, they give you factory measurements and reference points.  If you’re going to do it yourself, you’re golden. Just follow it from A to B and you can’t go wrong. I’ll even help you out, what have you got to lose?”

Needless to say he doesn’t believe me and would sooner see his Jeep sit out on his lawn, rather than driving it.  I’m sure his wife will have somethin’ to say about that, but for the time being I have been trying to explain that all the stress and anger that he’s putting her through is worth the $160.  The box even comes with the bolt for your control arms.  

I think the real part he’s worried about is getting it all back together the right way.  But like I was saying before, Rust Buster makes the whole process look so easy. Their instructions include everything from where to start and which tool sizes to use, down to reassembly with pictures and references.  Shame I don’t have my own welder, though. For now passing on the good word is all I can do while I wait for my CJ to get back from the shop. I really hope they leave that mint.

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