New Parts, New You (3)

Welcome back! Rusty here

So, I’ll be real with you.  The pandemic and stay-at-home orders really slowed down my progress on my grandfather’s CJ.  And when I say “slowed”, I mean halted.  It’s both my fault, and… well pretty much just my fault.  

If you remember, I was fixin’ to fix the front of the frame, but I was having a hard time figuring out how to gain access to it.  Now I don’t mean what’s Step 1 and what’s Step 2.  No, I mean how do I blast through these seized bolts and panels to both not break anything, and make it easier to reassemble?  I had already purchased the Sway Bar Brackets (Part# RB1004) but the problem I ran into, returning to the roadblock I mentioned, was that the shop that was doing my repairs had shut down.  And since I didn’t know how to prevent excessive damage, or rather didn’t have the tools to do so, I was pretty much out of luck and forced to watch my Jeep gather even more dust.  

So while I was sitting around doing basically nothing, I went to check out more of Rust Buster’s catalog to see if there was something I could work on by myself.  I came across their Dealers tab.  It does a simple search for you based on your Zip code and distance preferences for a shop that either specializes in vehicle frame repairs and/or is certified by Rust Buster to do repairs.  Turns out there was a shop 24 miles from me up in Conneaut, Ohio who is still open and could help me.  The distance is a killer, though, what with me having to trailer up ol’ CJ for nearly and hour’s drive.  But at least they can sell me parts and help with repairs when I’m ready!  Silver lining, I guess.  

For now I’ll prioritize grinding down the rust to bare metal and being liberal with some rust dissolvers.  I have to do somethin’ to keep my mind busy!  Until next time!  Stay home and stay safe!

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