Part Premiere: RB4010-Rear Control Arm Section

Introducing our latest, and one of the most vital, parts of your TJ Wrangler, our Rear Control Arm Section (RB4010L & RB4010R).

Due to vehicle frames being designed to support moderately heavy cargo loads in trunk spaces and, in the case of Jeeps, cargo storage, the high arch of the rear control arm mounts takes a heavy toll over the years of constant up and down impacts.  Especially if you’re a heavy trail rider.  In time, one of the most frequent failures in Jeep frames is the rear control arm section and mount, completely disabling the vehicle.

Our Rear Control Arm Section is a quick and easy solution to get your Jeep back on the road, when other more expensive options push you away from your passion.  The section features frame rail reinforcement and brand new upper and lower control arm mounts.  We even include all the bolts, nuts, and washers needed to re-secure the parts.

You can pick up your own Rear Control Arm Section at the link below.  And when you do, be sure to check out our fully written instructions or our start to finish video walkthrough,

Take control of your own restoration, with Rust Buster Frameworks.

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