YJ Breakdown and Rebuild

The YJ Wrangler holds a niche seat in the Jeep community, usually favored by the older community and some collectors.  It’s an attention grabber and contends with newer and heavily modified models due to its Jeep-like visage but with a more box-like spin, namely its headlights, hood, and taillights.  Moreover, the YJ has some of the most sought after variants that are just as, if not more, rare than its CJ-7  predecessor, such as the Renegade.  But just like us, Jeeps grow old and fall apart.  Especially if they lived in salty northern areas.  So we here at Rust Buster Frameworks stand to offer frame repair solutions, helping you keep those collectibles and mementos on the road for years to come.

The design and function of leaf springs in CJs and YJs often caused heavy water and debris retention, expediting the formation of rust over other frame parts.  We offer both front and rear leaf spring mounts along with the bolts needed to hold the bushings in place.

RB2005R – Rear Leaf Spring Mount Section – Right Side
RB2005L – Rear Leaf Spring Mount Section – Left Side

RB2015R – Rear Section of Front Frame, Spring Mount – Right
RB2015L – Rear Section of Front Frame, Spring Mount – Left

Another vital partner of the leaf spring is the shackle mount.  Not only do our shackle mounts offer more material for perfecting its fit, but they include the factory bolt locations for your steering box and sway bar.

RB2002R – Rear Shackle Mount Section – Right Side
RB2002L – Rear Shackle Mount Section – Left Side
RB2004R – Front Shackle & Steering Box Mount Section Right
RB2004L – Front Shackle & Steering Box Mount Section Left

If you intend on replacing your rear shackle mounts, it would be a good idea to also replace the rear crossmember.  Doing so would help prevent the spread of rust from part to part and would ensure that they’re both structurally sound.  Much like our shackle mounts, our Rear Crossmember comes with factory bolt and bushing hole locations, making the reinstallation of your bumper and body bushings a breeze.

RB2006 – Rear Crossmember

The many holes in the YJs frame means there is a heavy potential for water retention, which often spells trouble for the lowest point of the frame, the center section.  Our driver and passenger section runs the length of your YJ from spring mount to spring mount.  Additionally, it comes with the bolts and washers needed to resecure your skid plate.

RB2014R – Center Frame Skid Plate Mount – Right
RB2014L – Center Frame Skid Plate Mount – Left

These are some of the more important parts to replace, but they’re not all that we offer.  Below is a complete diagram of what we offer for now.  We’re always looking to expand our catalog, so be sure to check back often for new releases.

With each part that we offer, we include written instructions that will help you or your mechanic from start to finish.  Additionally, we have video instructions and downloadable PDFs on our site and YouTube page, allowing the installer to work alongside us as we guide them through the process.  Never before have you been able to take control of your passion project to this extent!  

Take control of your own restoration, with Rust Buster Frameworks!

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