Ford F150 Center Frame Sections – RB7069

If you’re like me, you’re 2004-2008 F150 Crew Cab doesn’t get older, it just continues to get broken in like a perfect fitting pair of boots. 

Whether it’s off-roading on adventure trails, hauling heavy loads, playing in the mud or snow, or just everyday driving, your truck has been there for it all. Unfortunately, mother nature has been there too, and left a mark on your center frame.

Rust Buster Frameworks knows the center frame of the F150 becomes weak over time and can jeopardize the structural integrity and safety of your ride.  That’s where our latest Center Frame Repair Section comes in. This .125″ of cold rolled steel installs effortlessly with its featured EZ Slip Design, letting you get back to taking on new adventures, quickly and safely, for years to come. 

I don’t like the feel of new boots, or the thought of buying a new truck, and thanks to Rust Buster Frameworks, my truck and I have plenty more memories to make.

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