Part Premiere: RB3012-Full Center Frame w/ Trail Arm Mount

Introducing our latest, and largest, addition to the TJ Wrangler catalog, our Full Center Frame with Rear Control Arm Mount (RB3012L & RB3012R).

This section offers the most bang for your buck in terms of frame repair potential over the number of parts needing to be purchased.  The section covers nearly the entire length of the frame rail, control arm to control arm, and completely repairs your skid plate and  rear control arm mounts.  We even throw in the bolts, nuts, and washers needed to re-secure the parts.

Due to the design of the TJ’s frame, water and other debris often gets stuck inside.  With the rails being the lowest part of the vehicle, the water tends to flow into it, deteriorating and rusting them more quickly than the rest of the vehicle.

Therein lies the benefit of RB3012.  Since it offers the most repair potential, it decreases the chance of rust from other sections infecting the replacements. What’s more is that if you’re going to take the time to lift and repair your Jeep, then it would be best to get the most done all at once, rather than tiny fixes scattered around.

You can pick up your own Full Center Frame at the link below.  And when you do, be sure to check out our fully written instructions or our start to finish video walkthrough!  

Take control of your own restoration, with Rust Buster Frameworks!

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