Give Your Rusty Jeep Frame Renewed Life

Wheresoever you go, go with all your heart.” – Confucius.

I get the feeling that if Confucius were alive today…he’d be a Jeep owner. Don’t you?

Every day, Rust Buster helps people to breathe new life into their Jeeps, and to continue pursuing life with all their heart. Our precision engineered frame repair sections have renewed and extended the life of thousands of Jeeps since 1982.

With our intuitive design and detailed tutorials, Rust Buster can help you to install life-extending frame repair sections on your Jeep frame too.

We have Jeep frame repair solutions available for all models. Whether CJ, YJ, or TJ, we can help you give your beloved Jeep back its foundation, and return to its best self. Read on to learn more about the different kinds of Jeeps we can help with.

Complete Jeep Frame Repair

Having worked in the aftermarket Jeep part business, providing high-quality body and frame components, Rust Buster Frameworks is a team of real Jeep repair and refurbishment enthusiasts. Like you, we love our Jeeps and our business is dedicated to that passion.

Our team of Jeep experts, designers, and engineers can help you diagnose a variety of issues such as a rusty Jeep frame, rotted frames, compromised repair sections and more. We can provide you with frame repair sections to handle the basic issues that may render your Jeep unserviceable, and also provide replacements for components that may seem beyond repair.

Whether you’re looking to refurbish a classic vehicle that hasn’t seen the kind of care it needs in a long time, or you want to simply make sure your treasured classic is protected from the ravages of time, we can do that.

Our Jeep frame repair sections begin with expert CAD design, laser cutting, forming, and finish welding. If you have a rusty Jeep frame problem, then we have the technology, the experience, and the passion to help you take care of it.

Jeep CJ Frame Repair

The legendary model considered the genesis of the modern Jeep design, the CJ launched in 1944 as the civilian re-creation of the famous World War II vehicle. It represented a revolution in off-road vehicle design, making it instantly popular, despite the fact that it was very minimalist when it came to the interior and features.

The CJ was legendary for its resilience but given the age of the average CJ out there, it’s no surprise that yours might be suffering from a touch of rust. As a highly valuable vehicle and a highly sought after classic, it’s important you take care of your Jeep CJ as much as possible We can help you preserve this legend with our CJ frame repair sections.

Jeep YJ Frame Repair

An evolution of the CJ, the Jeep YJ came with a more durable frame, but it can still suffer problems with corrosion. With lower suspension, the addition of fuel injection, and increased fuel efficiency, this started to set the standard for what we Jeep enthusiasts expect from the brand.

YJs are known for their resilience and durability when compared to the earlier models. However, having been released initially in 1987, with the final model being released 1995, if you have a YJ, then it’s likely that you could still make use of our YJ frame repair sections.

Jeep TJ Frame Repair

What many drivers nowadays consider the quintessential Jeep, the TJ furthered the off-road design, improving not just the resilience of the vehicle, but the comfort of it thanks to coil spring suspension, and more flex, making it more comfortable and more able to handle rough terrain such as trails and rock crawling.

As the more modern option, the TJ is a more common sight on the road nowadays. Naturally, that means that we have plenty of experience in Jeep TJ frame repair and restoration. Whether it’s a rotted jeep frame, deep rust, or physical damage, you can trust Rust Buster Frameworks TJ frame sections to tackle the problem.

Why You Shouldn’t Let Jeep Frame Rust Linger

No matter how old or new your Jeep is, rust is a problem that can easily affect it. When possible, you should take all the DIY prevention and professional maintenance steps you can to prevent it. Otherwise, rust can grow into a significant enough problem that it can affect the car structure and lead to serious safety concerns.

If you’re wondering why you should invest in repairing a rusty Jeep frame, here are a few of the ways it can cost you a lot more… to let it linger:

  • Damage to the body: if rust is allowed to start affecting the body, such as due to scratches, chips, or exposure to high pH conditions over time, it can start to spread very quickly across the body, eating away at the metal and causing it to flake off. Older Jeeps that haven’t been repainted with rust protection can become compromised much more easily, as well.
  • Damage to electricals: If you have a newer Jeep that has the complex electronic systems so emblematic of the modern driving experience, then it’s important to be aware of the fact that these are particularly vulnerable to corrosive processes. If rust manages to spread so far as to even touch the electronic housings and/or connections, you might need to have these systems completely replaced, which can be very expensive.
  • Other types of damage: Rust can also affect fuel lines, suspension, braking components, and much more if it’s allowed to spread from the body, meaning that catching and containing it fast is paramount.

Get in Touch for Jeep Wrangler Frame Repair Today

If you need help with Jeep frame repair, no matter whether it’s a CJ, TJ, or YJ, we will be glad to help you take care of it. Please review our Jeep Frame Repair website, or call us direct at 330- 549-5388. You can also watch this quick video, about the Rust Buster mission.

Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.” – Confucius

Just like those rusted and rotted frame sections, right Confucius?

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