Part Premiere: RB2016-Frame to Body Mount Brackets

Introducing our Frame to Body Mount Brackets (RB2016) for your YJ Wrangler.

Jeep Wranglers are built in a rather unique way.  For the most part, a Jeep is two parts: a frame and a body (tub).  The body rests upon the frame and is secured at several points, primarily what are called body mounts.  Here the body rests upon cushions (bushings), and is secured to the frame by way of a large bolt and washer.  This is opposed to what’s known as a unibody, where the frame and body are built as one piece, as seen in conventional vehicles.

With age and rust, the body mount brackets will punch through the body and begin to transfer rust into it, destroying hinges, paint, and walls.  The best way to prevent this is to ensure your body mount brackets are strong and in good health.

Our latest Frame to Body Mount Brackets feature CAD designed and laser cut steel to factory specifications, ensuring their installation process goes without a hitch.

You can pick up your own Frame to Body Mount Brackets at the link below.  And when you do, be sure to check out our fully written instructions or our start to finish video walkthrough!  

Take control of your own restoration, with Rust Buster Frameworks!

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